Welcome to my blog and I need a name

by snorby, January 10, 2017

Welcome to my blog. I have been wanting to blog for the past three years and am happy to say, “It has now begun”. Thank you to my husband and business partner, Kim Norby, for helping me research the mechanics of a blog and for giving me the encouragement to begin.
HUGE thank you to all of my PT peeps who have inspired me to take this step for an online presence. I am continually amazed at what you all produce, share and inspire.
So, I need a name for the blog. What will the blog be about? It will hopefully be light and entertaining viewpoints from a rural Iowa based, twenty-seven year veteran PT, business owner, wife, ex-wife, mother, mother-in-law, step-mother, grandmother, friend, menopausal runner, craft beer enthusiast, mentor, advocate, Christian, long suffering Hawkeye fan, touching on topics such as health, wellness, physical therapy, choice, explaining pain, making a difference in a community among other things.
So, what would you call that type of blog? My 21 year old son, just called and asked what I was doing. I told him I was writing my first Blog. He said, ‘You are going to blog now?’, rather sarcastically. However, he did give me a suggestion. S2N@Hawkeye89. Interesting.
I welcome any suggestions you have and in honor of my dear friend, Dr. Amanda Somers, PT. Go Clemson!