Fitness Opportunities at these clinics

LeMars PT

Classes for Young Athletes

Geared towards performance athletes and incorporate strength and burst training, balance, cardio & core.

Classes for Active Older Adults Class

One-on-one sessions or group setting geared towards 65 & older adults. This class will incorporate strength training, balance, cardio & core.

Chronic Disease Sessions

One-on-one sessions for anyone suffering from a chronic disease. These sessions will help improve balance, mobility, increase strength & cardiovascular endurance

Personal Training

Customized one-on-one personal training, either in your home or at our facility, for any reason listed and many more.

Health Coaching

Personal Health Coaching from a Wellness Coordinator and includes personalized exercises for you, helpful nutritional tips, and weekly check ins with your progress.

Several payment options offered

Daily, Weekly and Monthly programs or punch cards to use when you can.

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