LeMars PT Fitness

Xcelerate Your Game

For more information contact:
Jenelle Van Otterloo

Our address is:
789 Holton Drive
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Down the road from Wal-Mart

Pricing for Fitness Classes

We do a punch card system, where you buy a punch card and are free to attend any of our classes and punches do NOT expire!

  • 21-Day Punch Card (BEST VALUE!)$100
  • 10-Day Punch Card$50
  • Daily Rate$7

**First class is FREE!**

Chronic Disease Sessions

Anyone suffering from a chronic disease, give us a call at 546-1718 to set up one-on-one sessions. These sessions will help improve balance, mobility, increase strength & cardiovascular endurance

Personal Training

One-on-one personal training, either in your home or at our facility.

Give us a call at 546-1718 & ask for Jenelle to set up your first appointment today!

  • 6 hours worth$200
  • Group Rate: 6 hours (2-3 people)$180/person
  • Drop In/Additional Session$35
Health Coaching

Personal Health Coaching from our Wellness Coordinator, Jenelle Van Otterloo. This will include personalized exercises for you, helpful nutritional tips, and weekly check ins with your progress.!

Call 546-1718 and ask for Jenelle.
*Pricing may vary